Radical Seattle Remembers is a blog about the history of radical and progressive political and social activism in Seattle. The 1919 Seattle General Strike and the 1999 WTO protests are merely the tip of the iceberg of that history. This blog is dedicated to exposing the iceberg. Suggestions for topics are welcome; please send suggestions to jps [at] riseup.net.

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  1. cameron says:

    good stuff jeff, keep up the good work, you should bring that article you published in ETS! about operation homestead and SWAT over here too.

  2. Bruce Greeley says:

    Bravo! Real history for hysterics(!)

  3. Michael Wardlow says:

    Good job. Thanks for this, keep it up.

  4. Skip Demuth says:

    Here’s a piece I wrote about Radical Seattle and Radical Wenatchee. See what you think.

  5. First try. Hope this posts.
    SEATTLE 1970.
    OccupyWallStreet has got me reminiscing. Decades later my recollection of those daze is somewhat hazy. Trying to locate all and any information on events from late ’69> late ’70. Briefly, I was primarily crashing between the Seattle Free School house (Mike and Freda Queenville) and the SLF Hydra Collective. Was in the group of Pinkie Hippos who ‘liberated’ KUOW, (Radio Freaks Seattle), one of my gigs there was “The Pat and Pat Show”; myself and Pat Campbell (Drama Major) went on-air late night through sun-up with all kindsa crazy shit. Was one of the small group of ‘outside agitators’ who broke away from head of the march and headed down onto the Freeway on ramp. Remember running through backyards of University District at night avoiding the Tac Squad. Helped in setting up the Country Doctor Free Clinic. Subsequently took a cross country trip in a VW to Wash.DC, with two or three gorgeous co-eds for some movement related activity, forget what, stopping in Portland to deliver stuff for Third Sky River Rock Festival. Couple of trips to Frank’s landing. Late ’70 when things quieted down I moved out to “Betty’s Farm” (Betty Nelson), the Free School Commune, down near the town of Sultan (I think). We staged a smaller free alternative version of the Sky River Rock Festival, but my only clear recollection of the event is one of the kids told there was a ‘dead dude’ in a Tipi, I found a biker who had OD’d, but the beat went on.
    Moved up to Orcas Island for a few years and have now been in SF for well over 30 years.
    If any one has any links to that period they would be appreciated.
    Patrick Monk.RN. SF Ca.

  6. nomadredowl says:

    interesting stories here http://tidesofflame.wordpress.com/

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