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September 11, 1970: Sabot

What does September 11 mean to you? Here in Seattle, that date means truly radical history. Jeff Stevens retrosplains the story of Sabot, Seattle’s radical newspaper circa 1970.
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March 23, 1967: The Cocoon Breaks, the Helix Emerges

Seattle has a long history of local alternative newspapers, some better than others, all vital in the collective process of stirring the complex pot of a healthy local media scene. Most, if not all, of the past four decades’ worth of such endeavors owe a great debt to Helix, the groundbreaking chronicler of Seattle’s counterculture whose debut issue was published on the date in focus here.
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February 17, 1970: SLF vs. SPD

Before the Dude basked in a chronic haze, he was born in a tear-gas haze. Jeff Stevens tells the tale of the riot that begat the Seattle Seven.
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