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August 11, 1969: The Ave Riots

Seattle’s University District might seem like a sleepy place these days, but circa 1969, it was a hotbed of radicalism, revolutionary fervor, and — 45 years ago this week — violent rioting. Jeff Stevens tells you all about it.
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October 16, 1965: Mickey Mouse Fight Club

On the date in focus here, roughly 400 protesters turned out for Seattle’s first major local demonstration against the Vietnam War, and were greeted with rather feral heckling from right-wing counter-protesters. Jeff Stevens histories you mousely.
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April 24, 1969: Protesters and Beekeepers

Jeff Stevens tells the tragicomic tale of how a radical student protest in Vietnam War-era Seattle was hijacked by a swarm of angry bees. No, this is not an urban legend.
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February 17, 1970: SLF vs. SPD

Before the Dude basked in a chronic haze, he was born in a tear-gas haze. Jeff Stevens tells the tale of the riot that begat the Seattle Seven.
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